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Family names Ian – Yan

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So I am sure if you are Armenian or non – Armenian you know that most of the Armenian family names end with Ian or Yan .. “Spotting the Armenians” is very easy because of that ..which is good sometimes

Here is a small explanation about it :

Most Armenian names end in “ian” or “yan,” meaning the “son of,” but some Diaspora Armenians have changed these endings to blend in their host societies. Today in Turkey “oglu” often replaces “ian,” . A name ending in “ian” is not always exclusively Armenian ,yes .. since the ending can also be occasionally found in names in Irish, Persian, English, Philippine and some other cultures. Armenian last but I end up believing that it’s Armenian 😀

and an Example about a VERY popular last name ..Yes ...KARDASHIAN

The lastname “Kardashian” : Kardash is the root word..”Kar” means stone, “dash” means to cut/carve. the -ian suffix means “belonging to”…therefore, Kardashian, means, “son of stone-cutter”. The -ian indicates the family is from either Iran, Greece, Lebanon, or anywhere that was not a Soviet Union.

AND as you  know my family name KrikOrian , It’s KrikOr and Ian which means son’s of KrikOr

you can find more about Armenian last names here  ..


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  1. Chirin-ian= Son-of-a-sweet 😛

  2. same applies in Russian with -vitch like the famous book Ivan Ivanisovitch, poland with Ski for guys, ska for women.

    It used to be a way not to have family name so to get a homogeneous society. The last country to do so is Iceland.

    • Excellent point . I guess in Russia it’s common that family names also end with -OV as well and I guess Armenians were influenced from Russia pretty much ..

      • I came on here to see what the IAN stands for in my mothers last and behold you explained it .. hers is Krikorian! How ironic =)


  3. aaaaaaa you mean… Sepastian = Sa Pasta Ian…. “Ays Pasta-in Dghan”….. coool…

  4. very interesting!!! 🙂
    u mean “oglu” also means “the son of” in turkey???

  5. Very interesting! Gd lk KrikOrian …keep working!:)

  6. Jano Baghboudarian

    Kardashian kim?

  7. I am late in commenting on this blog, but Mher… I love it! My sister and I were talking about Armenian last names maybe a couple of days ago and how the “ian” ending is so popular. So we ar eboth pretty happy now after reading this!

    As usual, keep the great stuff coming our way!

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