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Eastern & Western Armenian language

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Well , I am from Lebanon as you may know and the Armenian we speak in Lebanon is so different from the Armenian spoken in Armenia ..small explanation about it!
Let me start by telling you that Armenian is hard language to learn.
The problem stems from the fact that the Armenian alphabet has 38 letters, and while Eastern Armenian (“Arevelahayeren”) pronounces each letter differently, Western Armenian (“Arevmdahayeren”) doesn’t.  As children learning Western Armenian, we are taught that there are differences between letters, that some are “harder” whereas others are “softer.”  But this has no practical significance because those variations are not observed.
The letters “p” and “b” serve as a perfect illustration.  In both Eastern and Western Armenian, “փ” is “p.”  So far, so good.  Then, there is “բ,” which Eastern Armenian pronounces “b” and Western Armenian as “p,” though we are taught that it’s technically different from “փ” (also “p”).  Finally, “պ” in Eastern Armenian is pronounced somewhere between a “p” and a “b” – a soft “b,” if you will.  The same letter in Western Armenian is a hard “b.”  In other words, in practice…
Western Armenian has only 2 sounds despite having 3 letters. I couldn’t even begin to describe these differences.  But a good example is the addition of the ending “gor” to verbs in Western Armenian.  We are officially taught in school not to do this, because it’s not Armenian.  But that’s just how we speak.  I use the “gor” ending in 99% of my sentences.
Eastern Armenian
Western Armenian
Shor **in W. Arm, this word means diaper!
To Sleep
Knel **in W. Arm, this word means buy
To Make
Shinel ** in E. Arm, this is slang for having sex!  The word often generates giggles when W. Arm. Speakers use it.  Unfortunately, W. Arm makes use of this word a lot.
but at the end  if two Armenians meet anywhere in the world they will speak Armenian I am sure of that 🙂 .

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  1. Hello Mher, and welcome back!

    Are there any good/popular transliteration systems like yamli for Armenian? Do you think building one would be useful to the Armenian community?

    > Shinel […] Unfortunately, W. Arm makes use of this word a lot.

    You mean fortunately 😉

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