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51 countries with Armenian passport

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Armenian passport holders enjoy visa-free or visa on arrival access to 51 countries and territories while Lebanese passport gets access to 32 countries only but too bad I still don’t have the Armenian passport but It’s very easy to get. here is the list of the countries 


  1. United Kingdom – 166
  2. Denmark – 164
  3. Sweden – 163
  4. Finland – 162
  5. Luxembourg – 162
UK 166 Countries! YES . This is not fair plus take a look at the countries you can enter , 50% of the countries I have never heard of them ..after finding this out I started exploring them well There are a discussions between Armenia and the European Union to liberalize the visa regime between the two countries and I want that to happen SOON! so what do you think ? is it fair ?

Oceania Countries and Territories

 Cook Islands
 Federated States of Micronesia

Europe Countries and Territories


Asia  Countries and Territories

 China (People’s Republic of)
 Iraqi Kurdistan
 South Korea
 Sri Lanka
 East Timor

 Americas Countries and Territories

 Antigua and Barbuda
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 Trinidad and Tobago

Africa : Countries and Territories

 Burkina Faso
 Cape Verde
 Central African Republic
 Democratic Republic of the Congo
 São Tomé and Príncipe
 Sierra Leone

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  1. You want to say that it was the list of countries where we (people with Armenian passport) can enter without a visa? Are you sure? Switzerland and Egypt were there, and we definitely need a visa for those countries. Also, are you sure that I don’t have to get a Lebanese visa when I visit you? :))

  2. This is awesome Mher! Good work man =)

  3. eh yaalllaa haygagan passport arnenk! 😛

  4. I reside in georgia republic. what number of years will i stay before i can get Armenian passport. i dont mind coming to visit Armenia on your invitation. YOU said its easy to obtain…

  5. check out the list today Mher 🙂 and go get ur passport!

  6. mher, 88 e 51 e hintsav… update

  7. Hello, i am applying for the armenian passport and i wanted to ask you the following: you said above that the armenian passport entitles you to go into 51 countries in total without a visa, right? Well then you added the list of countries, but i noticed that the list sums up to over 86 countries in total. So is it 51 or 80+ countries?
    Thank you for your time!

  8. Mher, the website is NOT accurate at all, unfortunately 😦 Probably less than 50% is accurate (just a guess) I have checked like 10 countries manually and none had Armenia on the list. I wish there is an official document somewhere..

  9. Hi everyone,

    Trying to find out about Egipt, more accurate South Sinai.
    Does anyone know if we really need visa for South Sinai or no?

  10. Actually I already know that we need to have viza for Egipt, but accordingly to wiki for South Sinai it is not required.

  11. For China I am shore we need visa.

  12. Hi I have been online dating this beautifully Armenian princess for about 6 months now but everurine I mention visiting she says it’s not a good idea can you help me understand why this is not a good idea your help will be much appreciated thanks

  13. Hello i applied for the Armenian passport last October 2013 , is it true that Armenia is working with the EU countries so it becomes easy for us who hold Armenian passport to enter to European countries soon ? and what about the taxes ? if we already hold lebanese citizenship and pay taxes there ?

    thanks a lot

  14. This is totally not true , most of the countries mentioned above need visa to entry , how come UK , shengen zone all visa required , plus Arab countries Kuwait , Lebanon , Egypt all needs visa , your source is not correct Wikipedia is an personal writing website and not authorized source.


    Here you can find out the correct information my friends. Armenia is gaining very strong political ties and diplomatic relations with dozens of countries all around the world. Many European states are gained visa-on-arrival, or no visa entry to many countries, including Asian, European states, many south american beautiful countries such as Argentina or Uruguay.

    Here is another good website you could check out for Visa requirements for the Armenian citizens.


  17. maria kazandjian

    I believe this list is not correct.
    i just came from the embassy of kuwait and their assured to me that i should get my visa to kuwait from a kuwaiti company and it will take a month period….. (same situation of my lebanese passport) 😦

  18. Please could you send me any lawyer to help me with applying for Armenian Passport ..


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