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Beer Beer Beer …

One of the things that I was really really happy about when i went to Armenia was the cheap and good alcohol ..including beer! I chose my three favorite beer brands that I loved in Armenia !

My top 3 


I am sure Kotayk company made a pretty good turn over while we were in Armenia 😀 ..

A medium strong, light golden beer with a fresh appearance. It's a beer that meets the modern view as well. ( Initial density 13,5%, alc. 5.6%).

2 – Kilikia 

Solid content in initial wort - 12,5%. Alcoholic content volume - 4,8%. Produced in 0,33 and 0,5 liter glass bottles, in 0,5, 1,0 and 1,5 liter plastic (PET) bottles, in 0,5 liter cans, and in 30 liter kegs.

3 – Gyumri gold 

Percentage of alcohol . vol ( no less ) 4.6%

and here is a preview of a Kotayk night we had ..I am going to blog about Armenian wine too soon.. I missed Kotayk gold I missed the Kotayk gold nights …


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  1. My friend is bringing me Kotayk & Kilikia when he comes back from Armenia! I’m so excited 😀


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