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Where to eat in Bourj Hammoud

When you visit Bourj hammoud there are couple of restaurants / snacks  you need to visit to taste the best Armenian food ever.

I will name some of them Let me start with Restaurant Varouj as Mark blogged about it here  “Varouj is an incredible Armenian restaurant located in a tight backstreet of Bourj Hammoud in Lebanon. The place is tiny on the inside with only 4 tables and the restaurant is run by a father and son, the son cooks while the father takes care of the guests” You can taste best  little birds, chicken liver, chicken wings, basterma, soujouk makanek with the spicy Armenian sausages and best frog you need to reserve before you go because it’s a small place as I mentioned above and here is the number 03-882933 Then we have Onno which Anthony Bourdian from the famous travel ” No reservation ” TV  show visited you can find the link here  When you visit Onno you must try the famous Armenian Cherry Kebab , Sou boreg , Kofte , Armenian salads, manteh..list goes on I don’t know which one to name it because I can order all of them 😀  you can contact here : 03-801476

Basterma Mano  which is known for the best Basterma and Soujouk in town , Don’t forget to try the new updated version of  Shawerma, Shawerma Soujouk if you like spicy of course 😉

Photo by Mich Cafe

Photo by Samer Nakfour

then we have Kebab APO where you can find more then 10 types of Kebabs , I can guarantee you It’s the best Kebab sandwich you can ever taste you can contact here : 01-261789

Photo by Mich Cafe

So now you tell me which Restaurants have you been to and what do you think of it?


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  1. I will definitely try Varouj and Onno. I’ve hear a lot about them but never tried.

    Places I like in B.H are Torros (also a small restaurant with 4 tables). Their “Castaletta” and “Meshwe” is great.

    Another place I really like is Zohrab. Try the seafood sandiwches. Just lovely!

    Mano and Appo are great! I can vouch for that!

  2. Although the quality of Varouj’s food is good, the guy can be an ass. You never know what he has or the price. When I went all he had was hummous and soujuk, which you can get anywhere in Lebanon. Onno is fantastic! Cheap and portions are big, my kind of resto! I cant go to Bourj Hammoud and not get Basterma-Mano, i think it would be wrong.

  3. Looool! Tried them all, love them all… What a great new blog!!! Waiting for more 🙂

  4. Nice blog and nice list…
    well there’s Road Runner for best fast food and best broasted chicken…there’s Abou El Hana for some foul and homoss treat…and what about Dora? doesn’t count as Bourj Hammoud? :P…love Jabbour’s shawerma, the best ever….and yeah for Falafel lovers (not me), let’s not forget Falafel Arax, the best falafel you can eat now…and here let’s RIP falafel abou el zouz :(, good old days…and yeah there’s Sassoun Bakery for some great spicy armenian style beureg and mana2ish :p

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  6. The first time in Bourj Hammoud i was taken to Bedo. It seems there is more than that! I better get off the car and explore this colorful neighborhood!

  7. Hi Krikorian,

    Nice blog, love it!! A big thank you from ONNO restaurant, always happy to have such charming fans!!

    follow us on “ONNO Restaurant” facebook page to stay updated + next time you decide to visit us please let me know in advance 🙂


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