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Misconceptions about Armenians in Lebanon


1. Not all of us are fond of basterma w sojouk

2. Not all of us live in Burj Hammoud.

3. We don’t necessarily know your neighbour Sauci or Talar.

4.Yes our Christmas is on Jan 6. Pleeeease don’t ask why because I’ve explained it a million times. I beg you, google it.

5.‎ Not all of us mess up between the masculine and feminine terms. Stop the Happy fathers day joke on Mothers day. Please.

6. We don’t always follow the political parties Tashnag/Ramgavar/Hunchak. Some of us don’t know the difference between them and couldn’t care less really

You can add more if you like!

Sareen posted this as her status and I thought I might share with you guys you should check her work out too btw Best comics ever 🙂 Here is the link for her site Ink on the side 




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  1. Lol this is wonderful! Thanks for posting it Mher (and thanks for linking to the comics ;))

  2. Not all our cars are tuned and powered by “Sahag Motor Sport” and i dont know the Sako you know!

  3. Somebody finally said it! Awesome 🙂


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