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Armenian Music and Dance

A complex and ancient heritage has played a decisive role, in every respect, in the process of creating a distinctive, national Armenian music. Music also accompanied other early forms of artistic expression such as poetry, pagan rites, historical drama and pantomimes. An important part of Armenia’s rich artistic heritage is folk music. It is eminently traditional and has a resonance characterized by a delicate structure. Even today it has an important place in the life of the people.

Armenia’s music is one of the most unique in the region, with some characteristic instruments of its own, and often more formal variety. Although performances often use several instruments at once, the textures are clear and full of emotion. The most recognized and still widely used instrument is the Duduk, an Armenian version of the oboe. Other instruments include the zoorna, dhol, tar and kanon.

In the 4th century, Armenia adopted Christianity, but it was especially in the fifth century, after the creation of the Armenian alphabet, that there was a notable development in sacred music used in churches. With the new alphabet, the foundations of artistic musical composition were born. The origin of Armenian Church music may be traced back to the 5th century. Nurtured by the melodies of pre-Christian Armenia, and the secular songs of everyday life, it developed into a unique manifestation of the Armenian faith, mind and soul. The earliest musical expression of worship was the chanting of psalms.

Armenian dance is a reflection of the rich fabric of Armenian culture and is accompanied by traditional or contemporary music. They have a lively, but graceful choreography, which sets itself apart from other oriental dance forms. Mainly accompanied by percussion instruments, Armenian music belongs to the Middle Eastern tradition in its authentic form. here are some links to some beautiful Armenian music videos Enjoy 🙂


Any favorites :-)?



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