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Google Translate , Seriously?

It was really weird  when you Google translated the Armenian sentence “I love Armenians” (“Ես սիրում եմ հայերին”) to English it translated “I love Turkey”  

Google Translate


Now who to blame Google or ?

and after the reactions of the international Armenian community Google corrected the translation and provided the correct translation …

Well Google should have some explanation on the subject because  me personally I don’t know how Google translate works and if this is a wrong translation then i am sure there is more as well regarding to topics sensitive like this

meanwhile  this went viral in Turkey 

here are some links for Online magazines from Turkey talking about it 




Thanks for my friend Serouje for the provided photo and the links



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  1. All these translation mistakes that keep popping up are a bi-product of google’s openness. Google translate doesn’t just have an algorithm behind it, it has a collaborative side to it: If enough users correct a certain translation in the same way, then the algorithm starts favoring it and serving it to all users.

    Same story with Maps, when you get these funny stories about swimming from China to Japan..


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