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From “Vive La France” to “Shame on France!”

Notes of a Spurkahye Finally Come Home

It seems Armenians have a tendency for premature celebrations. We also have a tendency to believe in people, always in others and never in ourselves. As such, we have a tendency to be heavily disappointed. All those “Vive La France” cries have turned to disgruntles murmurs. All the “Thank You France” mantras have turned to shame. The French flag is no longer proudly hoisted and the language has lost its luster again. We’re hurt, we’re sad and we have lost a bit more faith in humanity.

It’s a shame, really. Our weakness is our blind love for all those who smile at us, forgetting that those same will drive a knife through our backs. We refuse to believe the worst in people, always giving everyone another chance, a second a third, a tenth and hundredth.

Today, the world proved itself a hypocrite. Again. And again. And once more, again. As…

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