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10 Ways to help Artsakh #ArtsakhStong

1. Send money. The NKR government has opened an account for displaced families (ArtsakhBank; Address: Kievyan 3, Yerevan, Armenia; SWIFT: ARTSAM22, Account number: 22300110153200; more details on

2. Take action on US citizens and residents can send a strong message for peace to the White House, Congress, and international negotiators by taking this simple action.

3. Plan a trip to Artsakh. Undo Azerbaijan’s goal of portraying Artsakh as unsafe by making it your next holiday destination (here are 10 other reasons why

4. Urge fair coverage. Contact media outlets and urge accurate reporting. Media outlets have irresponsibly reported Azerbaijan’s absurd declaration of “uniltareal ceasefire.” They should instead consult direct information from

5. Call for accountability. Ask Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and other human rights organizations to document and denounce the April 2, 2016 Talish war crimes by Azerbaijan’s army, during which an Armenian couple was executed and had their ears chopped off (source: (…/azerbaijani-soldiers-execute-elderly-armen…)

6. Organize protests. Peaceful and pro-peace protests should be organized in front of Azerbaijani embassies and consulates, or local government buildings.

7. Condemn pro-Baku activities. If your governor or legislature has expressed support for Azerbaijan (by issuing a statement or proclamation), or a company headquartered in your city has signed a contract with Azerbaijan, protest the cooperation and explain that it has emboldened a bloody dictatorship to commit more crimes.

8. Use social media to express your support for Artsakh by using tags of‪#‎NKpeace‬, ‪#‎KarabakhNow‬, ‪#‎StopAliyev‬, and ‪#‎ArtsakhStrong‬.

9. Support nonprofits that support Artsakh.

10. Share this blog post to raise awareness 12928118_10153525241398201_1914753000622044020_n