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Vardavar an Armenian tradition

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Welcome to my new blog 

This blog will be all about Armenia , Armenians , Armenian traditions , Armenian food , Armenian culture , Armenian celebrities , Diaspora ..

My first blog post will be about Armenian tradition that I personally love and  it’s called Vardavar 

What is Vardavar ?

So , Imagine you are walking in the street in a summer heat and suddenly a group of teenagers or children come up running and pour you with WATER ..How awesome is that ?

Well , I must say  If that happens in Beirut or anywhere around the world you will be all confused and mad about the situation but in Armenia you just laugh ..because it’s Vardavar 😀

Where did this tradition came from ?

Vardavar is one of the most ancient Armenian holidays. It was celebrated by the pagan Armenians and, therefore, the holiday’s customs of pagan times including spilling water on each other, making the pigeons fly etc., are still maintained. By tradition, Armenian month Navasard begins on the day when Noah finds his refuge on the Mount Ararat during the Flood and then comes down from the top. Noah orders his sons to pour water over each other for the memory of the Flood.

So , if you are in Armenia at the end of this month ..Keep in mind it’s Vardavar 😀